Real Food Nutrition

How do we achieve and maintain radiant health through nutrition?  By fueling our bodies with the nourishing foods that they need.  Eating whole, nutrient-dense foods as close to how they appear in nature as possible.  Eschewing processed and packaged fares in favor of foods without nutrition labels.  Each human being is unique, and so are their dietary needs.  It is important to discover which foods are compatible with your unique biology.

So what are the foods that nourish our bodies? A variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, meats from properly-raised animals, whole eggs from pasture-raised hens, wild-caught seafood, properly-prepared nuts and seeds, and healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil, and butter from grass-fed animals.  If tolerated, properly-prepared whole grains and minimally processed, whole dairy from grass-fed animals can also be extremely healthful.

Which foods should we avoid?  Most foods that come in a package, box, or can.  Processed grains, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, and hydrogenated oils are the worst offenders.

falling veggies

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