My Favorite Real Food Destinations

How do I source real food? 

Well first of all, I am lucky enough to have a certified Master Gardener as a mother.  She keeps an incredible garden from which I pick a variety of fresh organic vegetables.  She also started a little garden for me in my backyard that mostly produces kale, carrots, beets, onions, and herbs.  Thanks, mom!

For the rest of my nutrition, here are some of my favorite real food destinations:

The Market House (Meadville, PA)

The inside features tons of local goodies all year round.  Grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured poultry, eggs from pastured hens, grass-fed butter, raw grass-fed cheese, maple syrup, raw honey, and more.  During the growing season, the outside is full of local farmers selling their freshly-harvested vegetables and fruits.

The Whole Foods Co-op (Erie, PA)

This little wellness store offers local organic produce, local grass-fed beef, grass-fed dairy products, and some higher quality foods that are a great alternative to those found in most grocery stores (organic honey, a variety of organic teas, organic coffee, organic chocolate, organic personal care products, etc.)

Wegmans (Erie, PA)

Although I purchase the majority of my produce and meat from local farmers, Wegmans does offer a variety of organic produce and meat (even some grass-fed beef).  They also carry a good selection of grass-fed dairy products.  My favorite things to buy from Wegmans include wild-caught sardines, coconut aminos, kombucha, and Epic bars. Yum!

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